Eco Oikos Blog

Eco Oikos (eco οἶκος, eco household) is a sustainable living blog set up by Anthea Madill to share her zero waste, economical household tips. The blog also focuses heavily on second hand shopping and promotes secondhand as the new new, aiming to make preloved the norm.

Associated FB Groups: Second Hand Christchurch and Sustainable Living Christchurch

Remix Plastic Project

Remix Plastic is a Christchurch based project that involves small scale plastic recycling as an interactive educational tool. We are connecting with numerous people in the community to collaborate and expand out skills and knowledge. 

Check out the website and follow our Facebook and Insta.

Associated FB Group: Plastic Recycling Christchurch

Imagined Community is an experimental electronic music project that employs and promotes democratic, collaborative and sustainable approaches to the production and distribution of music.

Associated FB Groups: sustainable musicians nz - green string

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Pop Lab Square.png

Pop Lab is a showroom for locally produced, digitally exportable goods. It will showcase how sustainable production and conscious consumption reduces waste and connects productive communities. 

Pop Lab demonstrates that circular economic systems can function in the current linear economy and illustrates potential opportunities for Christchurch.

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